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The Esper Kids


"I don't really get it" "Psychic powers aren't needed to survive in the first place." -Kageyama Shigeo
"I am a commoner." "A star is shining not because it's being showered in light, but because he who emits light is a star." -Hanazawa Teruki
"In order to grow up." "Because I'm sick of myself. I just wanted to... feel the 'foolishness' of myself. And to create a new self. Me, as a fool." -Kageyama Ritsu
"Attack is the best defense." "As long as it's a work of psychic power, I can think of something." -Suzuki Shou

My sons that I care about so much
I love them

Note: The cover is a placeholder, I'm waiting for my computer to be fixed for the other one but I really wanted to upload this, so here! ^^

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