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distance will never break us

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My best friend is online. I found her live streaming one day and decided to watch it. My brother saw her channel and continued watching her and playing ROBLOX. They continued being friends, and I started to really like her, for we talked on skype all of the time. We just clicked. She is so much like me and we like the same things. We talk for hours a day and since we have the same time zone, we stay up til around 4 am talking to each other and playing games together. She even spent her whole birthday talking to me and playing games with me! I made her a card on google slides and she set it as her desktop picture. She makes me so happy all of the time, and even just playing a game that I never liked playing with her makes me so happy. She is such an amazing person and I hope I remember her when I am older. I just whish I could meet her!