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You know nothing, Jon Snow.


This mix is dedicated to my favorite character of A Song of Ice and Fire. I think it only makes sense when you listen to it in order, but 8tracks shuffles the songs of a playlist when you listen to it more than once. Anyway, I've written some annotations on each song, so you can know what moment or scene they remind me of.

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I'm so happy you think like that, because I'm currently reading A Storm of Swords, so I don't know all the Jon storyline yet (that's why I wrote "maybe I'll modify this mix in the future" in the description of the mix).

I've only read up to 'A Feast For Crows', but until now it's an amazing job you did here! It's even more amazing that the characters in the books are so beautifully described that we can actually understand them and forsee the way they evolve.