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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWW!! Well cowpokes, this here's a pretty good 'un, sure-as-shootin'. Lest-a-ways, that's my humble cowboy opinion on the matter. Yer results may differ, bet yer bottom dollar. At any rate, we got ourselves 17 or so ditties includin' great hit music from the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Daughters, and Kim Fowley. As fer a unifyin' theme or the like, I ain't rightly sure what we got on our hands. Circle the wagons, cowboys and cowgirls. GIDDIE-UP!!

17 tracks
3 comments on Folk Off & Die!! with Lonesome Pete!! #04

So far, real good, Lonesome! Glad to hear The Fall's "Barmy," which I ain't given listen to in a dog's age - how many times have I heard that song previously and failed to recognize that the opening riff was cadged lock/stock/barrel from The Monkees' "Valerie"?