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Dead by Daylight

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@Merenlapsi I haven't started on them. How about I tell you when they are done though? xD I was debating making a killer and a survivor playlist as separate. Would It be okay If I use" Another Way Out" as one of my killer tracks?I know it's already in your playlist.

@RitzyBitsy99 I would love that! Though I'll be sure to check the tag every now and then : ) . I remember debating about that same thing when I started to make my playlist. I have been thinking about doing a playlist for Hillbily but I haven't found good songs that would suit him. Yeah it's totally okay :D It's a good fit for a killer playlist. Good luck!

@RitzyBitsy99 Thank you! 8Tracks didn't let me listen to the Survivor playlist it said something about it being a private playlist. The Killer one is SO GOOD!! You have picked really well fitting songs. I love Da Games singer's voice. I would love to play with you but at the moment I only have a laptop that cannot run games other than Undertale :'''/ You have to survive the killers for the both of us :''D