We are Loob and we hope you enjoy our selection of songs. For more background on Loob and for regular updates please 'Like' us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/loobtheband
Who are Loob? We are Richard and Simon, a couple of guys who used to be in a band a long while ago and are now a pair of old duffers who like to get together once a week to play and record cover versions of some of our favourite songs.
One of our aims, apart from having a good laugh, is to try to vary the style of songs we cover because we feel this keeps us fresh and also can take us in directions we wouldn't normally go, which in turn pushes us to better ourselves as musicians. When you listen to the tracks we have posted on this site I think you will agree that they are very varied, ranging form Slipknot to The Shadows, Green Day to Gangnam Style and quite a lot in between.
Why Loob? Well you may be sorry you asked! When we first started doing this, some 25 years ago now, we felt we needed to call ourselves something other than just Rich and Si. So we set about trying to find a name for ourselves. After many attempts we were no closer to a solution. The problem was that we felt any name we should have should capture the true essence of what we were about, which is basically, to put it bluntly, two blokes messing about having a good laugh creating a load of old bollocks, and that is when we hit on it... Load Of Old Bollocks, use those initials and you get L.O.O.B. and that sums us up perfectly! So that's how we came to settle on the name Loob!

All the songs are created for our own personal enjoyment only, but we thought we would upload some of our tracks to SoundCloud and 8tracks so we can send links to our mates so they can here what we have been up to. We would welcome any comments.


Rich and Si

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