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The Oliver Queen Ex-Girlfriend Club (Birds of Prey)


A mix for an Ex-DA who teams up with her dead sister, her dead sister's dead friend, and a slightly unhinged mobster's daughter to save her city, with occasional help from her ex's new flame.
"Believe it or not, having slept with Oliver Queen is not the only thing they have in common. They kick a lot of ass, too."
-The Ex-Girlfriend Club by Frea_O http://archiveofourown.org/works/1060799

9 tracks
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@miles caligo Wow why have I just seen this comment, soo sorry! I meant Shado! Dead Sister = Sara whose friend (ALL THE LADIES ARE FRIENDS IN THIS UNIVERSE OKAY) Shado was also "dead". I'm glad you enjoy it!! :D

@miles caligo "ALL THE LADIES ARE FRIENDS IN THIS UNIVERSE OKAY" - and that is why I find fanfic more satisfying than the actual show - ladies can be friends with ladies without Oliver's head imploding.

@golden_girl PREACH GIRL PREACH. It's one of my fav things about the fic, besides my vain pride in being the inspiration and enabler of it. Months before I met the lovely and talented Frea I just had this amazing vision of all these Arrow ladies kicking ass together while Oliver was just kinda useless in the background and they all make fun of him. Female friendship is everything. So glad you found this mix! Frea told me that you found the fic, which I obviously cannot say enough great things about. You should also check out her other work, it's always great, fun, and life-ruining.