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we watch the sun go down but never feel it end


or; anne of green gables, queer fables, and bad cable

~ the one where they're all modern and queer, and there are road trips, and anne decides she doesn't mind her accidentally green-blue hair (although she doesn't stop it when the red grows back in, she learns to love the red too), and she can't decide whether she loves the country or the city best, pastels or black, boys or girls. she's a whirlwind, firecracker girl, but she's not really the troubled type - i mean, yeah, she was the one who convinced diana to get that tattoo, and rachel lynde is pretty sure she's turned half the girls gay, but what's so bad about all that anyways? anne and her friends run around town and the island and beyond, raising hell and laughing loud, and are basically the definition of squad goals. ~

13 tracks