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Don't Cry, Mark


"I hope you guys believe me when I say I care about what you do and who you are...

...because I can't know you on an individual level.

...and that's what tears me up inside..

..because I want to..."

cover picture by redelice of tumblr

(i will most likely change the picture as i'd rather not use other peoples art but this was a lovely pic and it's a good filler image for now)

  • To Build A Home by Andrew Gavin Williams
  • 02 io (this time around) by Helen Stellar
  • I'll Keep You Safe by Sleeping At Last
  • We Found Each Other In The Dark by City and Colour
  • To the Moon -OST- by Laura Shigihara
  • Hate To See Your Heart Break (feat. Joy Williams)(Live At Billboard Awards) by Paramore
  • You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol
  • I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young
  • Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap feat. Victoria Bergsman
9 tracks
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