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like a fairytale


"the way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in."

A lot of songs that just make me get lost in my emotions, books, homework... really anything. Enjoy!!

*Thank you for all your lovely comments even if I don't comment back it means a lot!! :)*

mix cover credit goes to: http://www.scottgustafson.com/WN_BB_painting.html

10 tracks
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Is it just me, or the playlist isn't working anymore? :( I really used to enjoy listening to this while studying. I would really appreciate it if someone gave me the name of all the tracks so that I would make a private playlist on spotify.

This is actually the ONLY mix i listen to when i read,study etc. and i'm really upset that i can only play it a certain amount of times each day. But yeah definitely one of my faves this is perfection