Lord of the Jams
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Henceforth I Whimper No More


Blast this music. Open up every window in your car, every door in your house, and hurl this music like a thunderbolt at the mediocrity that is your life. Commandeer the PA system at your school or your job and set this music ablaze in the halls. Because this music is yours.

For you, the commuter stuck in traffic. And for you, marching up the steps of your college amid the sea of students and strangers. For you, who mops our floors. For you, who pick up our trash. For the ones on the forklifts, at the espresso machines and the checkout counters, and the soul-crushing cues at the airport.

Do not hide this music within your own headphones to be free. Play it forth and watch those around you lift their heads and be free with you.

16 tracks
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