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This Mess


*a nanowrimo soundtrack initially

Here's a mix for befriending shapeshifters, drinking whiskey with vampires and investigating supernatural murders. All while trying to get a degree.

And, what is worse, all of that - in Moscow.

14 tracks
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So I'm loving this Playlist. I also am so intrigued with your NaNo project! I so hope you finish it! It sounds delightful. :)

I love love love this mix! I've had it on repeat so much I have to use incognito to get away with the amount I keep listening to it lol It has such a beautiful atmosphere, and the description brings all sorts of lovely imagery to mind. <3 I sincerely hope you manage(d) to finish your NaNo novel! I would read that in a heartbeat!

hey, i love this playlist and I'd love to read your nanowrimo story it's based on, if you want to share it of course :)