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magic moonshine.


"The floor of our familiar room has become a neutral territory, somewhere between the real world and fairy-land, where the Actual and the Imaginary may meet ... Ghosts might enter here, without affrighting us. It would be too much in keeping with the scene to excite surprise, were we to look about us and discover a form, beloved, but gone hence, now sitting quietly in a streak of this magic moonshine."
-Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Custom House
Art by Yelena Bryksenkova

  • Buried In Water (Dead Man's Bones Official Website) by le0nard0h0
  • Night Call by Olivia & Violet
  • Mantra by Vedas
  • Gallows by CocoRosie
  • Shadows (Warpaint) by HarryChristensen
  • YOUR SADDEST SONG by stealing sheep official
  • Little Marriage by Lia Ices
  • Tame One by Your Friend
  • Hounds by The Antlers
  • Harsh Learm Ukulele cover by Widowspeak
10 tracks