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"bow ties are cool" - a doctor who fanmix


1. rose tyler
2. donna noble
3. martha jones
4. amy pond
5. rory williams-pond
6. river song
7. the master
8. the last gallifrayan
9. the tenth doctor
10. the eleventh doctor

9 tracks
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What?! WHAT?! You think coldplay = The Doctor Donna?! ARYUMAHD?!
and here I thought this mix was going somewhere. So sad too, I loved the idea behind it an all...

uh, yeah, and i have my reasoning too. think about it - the song is about starting over from the beginning and wishing you could try again. turn left! the time beetle! and yeah, the song does have a certain sorrow to it. the doctor had to erase the memory of his best mate and if she ever remembers anything, she could die. nobody hates the doctor more than himself. plus, donna thought nothing of herself before she traveled with the doctor. "you don't know how lovely you are." i dunno man, think what you will, but it's my donna-doctor song.

Wiped from her consciousness, not erased. The Doctor Donna is still here as her subconscious, that is why she'll die. If it really was erased they could simply just start over again traipsing around the cosmos, you can't run two different OSes at the same time basically. Plus, why does everybody forget and leave out the Doctor's daughter?! The only other known person with regenerative powers in the universe will be making a comeback, I betcha. Almost makes me want to lay out a mix with that 1-10 setup you described just to show you up lol

the labyrinth daedelus built so cunningly that he himself could barely escape
take the soul in machine and you’ll be immortal
to the sky – soar high – soar away – stay even keel
so as not to burn your wings….
face plant in the dirt from a tower it will look accidental
i’ll never see these shores again
control the land control the sea
now icarus my son, i’ve bitterness for sun
in search, i sail these shores….
far from here, i must go, forever
her, i love her…
forever leave these shores

never expected you to be able to by the looks of your blog (wow, can we say used?!), you can delete it all anyways. Laters, but really. more like never lol