lost my head.
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Emotional Marvel

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This playlist is gorgeous, wow! It's so heartbreakingly perfect and oh my gosh, End of the Line, so many emotions are in that song.

@lizzxh ahh thank you so much! i knew i had to start with that song. no matter how many times i listen to it, it always breaks my heart! thank you for listening!

End Of The Line started playing and I very loudly went "oh nooooo". I'm not crying, you're crying. OH NO THE PIANO BIT STARTED. Thanks for making this playlist though, it's perfect.

@cherrybrains aw, don't cry! though, i had to start with that one, since in my opinion, it's the saddest piece. or maybe that's just me and my stucky heart talking. either way, thanks for listening!

@lost my head. @cherrybrains If somebody hadn't said it, I would have already (i am NOT crying at work. You're crying at work). "End of the Line" stomps on my heart every time.