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cast your sleeping heart awake

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Would you mind writing down all the songs? I keep meaning to screenshot so I can add them to my phone but it says I can't listen until 8 hours from now. It's such a good playlist

@wannabanarnian sorry for the late reply!!! here's a tracklist! 1) born to die (woodkid remix) - lana del rey 2) thé á la menthe - la caution 3) i get low - timber timbre 4) fire rides (night version) - mø 5) the queen's approach - the decemberists 6) a book of blood - javier navarrete 7) by your side - cocorosie 8) castle walls - jeans wilder 9) crystallize - lindsey stirling 10) in your dreams - dark dark dark 11) wild tigers i have known - emily jane white 12) tokka - agnes obel 13) ultraviolence - lana del rey