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Jornada del Muerto Vol.1

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Revered Deadeye's "Chased Ol' Satan" is so good my face is melting. I can't get it out of my head, which means I can't get anything done, which means I'll either have to apply for some kind of disability benefit or start eating bark again.

Ashcake = bread batter forms into balls and cooked directly on the white ashes of a smouldering fire. Camping food. So by saying "got no skillet, got no lid, ashcake tastes like shortening bread" it's saying even though I don't have so much as a pot to cook in I'm still happy; I can make do with what's available (ashcake) and find pleasure in it. The inability to take pleasure in life is the crack through which the devil gets in.

You are no slouch, yourself, sir. There is a reason I opened this list with your version of The Cuckoo. I hope people are being generous in their purchase of A Pocketful of Glass Eyes. I eagerly anticipate future releases from your good self.