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when you leave, it's polite to say goodbye.


dear louis,
you could've just told me you didn't love me. i would've been okay. it would hurt, but not like it does now. maybe i'm too clingy. i don't know, but i'm sorry. i'm fucking sorry for continuously ruining every good thing that ever happens. but my mum taught me that when you leave, its polite to say goodbye. so why didn't you say goodbye? it's felt like centuries lou, & i've waiting for that silly seven letter word and i haven't heard a peep.

i will always love you.

AU where harry is in love with louis, & louis' commitment issues hold him back. louis doesn't speak to harry for about two months, but when he checks his mail, he finds a cassette tape and letter in Harry's handwriting. he pops the cassette in the deck, reads, and listens.

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