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"They will say one of two things about me. That I stood at the Inquisitors side, her protector and her lover. That it was meant to be. Or I was led from the path of faith by the wiles of a mad-woman."

"I don't care what they say."

A playlist full of pretty love songs for the fem!Inquisitor/Cassandra. Because Cassandra isn't heterosexual, not with that haircut.

Tracklist here: http://elven-wench.tumblr.com/post/138118687569/keep-her-safe-a-feminquisitor-x-cassandra

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12 tracks
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Thank you so much for this playlist. Hetero Cassandra is a crime. I'm playing a trans!girl Lavellan so I can have my F/F romance tbh. This playlist is perfect for it.