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Goodbye, my youth! :: Reply 1988


Nostalgia to year 1988!

“I’m my mother’s precious daughter too” -Kim Sun Young-

“You can’t give up without even trying. Be prepared to suffer through anything & work very hard. If it still doesn’t work out then there’s nothing else you can do” -Dad Sung Dong Il-

“Fate doesn’t come to you at just any time” -Jung Hwan-

“‘Fate’ should happen often at the most dramatic moments brought by coincidence” -Jung Hwan-

“Another term for ‘fate’ is ‘timing’” -Jung Hwan-

“Time will always flow.
Everything will pass by.
Everything will age.
That might be why youth is beautiful.
It shines, blindingly bright, for just an instant.
But to it, you can never go back.
A time when many tears were shed.
The time of my youth was like that as well.”

— Sung Deok Sun -

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This playlist was so amazing. It was so meledoic and emotional. It was perfect for the emotional crisis I am going through right now.