lovely eyes
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let's sit on the rooftop and look at the stars


imagine tipsy michael dragging you away from a party only to go looking for shooting stars on the rooftop. of course, you being one of his closest friends (and his crush), you reluctantly agree- who doesn't want to see a shooting star? as the two of you lay down, he quickly looks away from you and up at the sky, swearing on his life that he just saw a shooting star. of course, you don't believe him and begin to playfully slap him. in the process of trying to stop you from hitting him, he pulls you closer until you're wrapped around him, faces close. and slowly, the two of you's laughter dies down and are stuck with only the quiet booming of music from below.
in that moment, nothing else mattered. it was just the two of you, away from everything else.

9 tracks