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That woman.


When she goes out into the world, that woman often becomes invisible. When she gets pushed aside by shoulders, stepped on by feet, and stuck in between the lines, she feels like she’s not visible to the world. So she hid in her room. The small room was soft and comfortable, like a nest to a bird that’s injured its wing. In that space, that woman can breathe freely. She never once missed the outside world or dreamt of it.

At least until now…

  • 향 (Acoustic Ver.) by 캐스커 (Casker)
  • I wish it was you by ngkoo
  • Let It Snow by Various Artists
  • Mot by MOT
  • それでもあなたの道を行け (feat. MOUTHPEACE) by Michita
  • 꽃잎 같은 먼지가 by 클래지콰이 (Clazziquai Project)
  • 나의 낡은 오렌지나무 by 랄라스윗
  • Beauty by AMP
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Ummm depends what you look for in a drama?
I'm not really into teenagy/high school dramas...
Ummm there's that
-"Nine" drama taking FBND spot (which i haven't started)
-The lead of "Nine" plays in one of my all-time-favourite "I need romance 2"
Complex characters in complex relationships.
-That winter, the wind blows....cause i didn't know what to watch
-Werewolf boy (with song joong kiiiiiii...haven't watched it yet though)

Any recommendations?

Do you watch running man? <3

aw me neither i hated you're beautiful and heartstrings big no no LMAO
ah what is it about?
is that winter the wind blows good? i'm considering to watch it.
and omg you have to watch werewolf boy it is good!

uhm.... i havent watch any drama and running man recently because of exams and test and afsgrhjhgtrafr

and yes omg ! but not lately bubt i love it monday couple, giraffe, commander grasshopper, haroro and big nose! ahaha <333

Have you started watching anything?
Now it's my turn to go on a hiatus for the same reason as yours....sighhhh at least 8tracks is keeping somehow motivated (more like daydreaming)
-Winter that wind blows is quite the melodrama type. sometimes you want to struggle some characters cause they don't make sense....but overall i think their performance are very compelling (especially the leaaaaaaaaad dude. He's so tall dskafjlsdfklj and i find there's this awkwardness in him that just adds to his charms). The storyline isn't that bad i guess. Worth trying out!

I've re-started RM....the recent episodes are DEADLY hilarious. beware!

still haven't lol haha ikrr it's great to relax and to do my homwork
haha oh really damn i'll try to watch it anyways lol
haha omfg i lovee akward dudess dfsgrdhf

haha ikrrrr i still need to watch the recent with lee jong suk und kim woo bin;;