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I love love love this playlist! Having the hardest time focusing on piecing together a presentation, but this playlist makes the pain better. :)

i dont know you but i wish you were my sister. i live in freaking columbia TN and NO ONE has a good taste in music so. really thank you. i hope youre going to see arctic monkeys in a few weeks its in lousville kentucky and im going its going to be rad they might even have tickets left? thank you really by listening to this i cleaned my entire house and wrote 3 chapters in my novel. talk about inspiring and motivating haha i also followed you on tumblr but i couldnt find your insta? -stay rad

@feminismiscool Hey! I see it's been like a year since you commented on this but I wanted to say that I hope you got more done on your novel, and I like in Southside (outside of Clarksville) Tennessee so that's really neat!