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rubytrumpet #3


music for the summer ;) LOOK BELOW!!!!

  • Ways to Go by Grouplove
  • The Name Game by Jessica Lange
  • Come With Me Now by Kongos
  • Beast (2006) by Nico Vega
  • Purple Yellow Red And Blue by Portugal, The Man.
  • Out of My League by Out Of My League
  • Tongue Tied By Grouplove by Grouplove
7 tracks
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Miss Ryan- i accidentally deleted the other message, you are a amazing teacher and i will miss you so much. (sorry everyone was rude earlier about not wanting to clean and watch a movie, i enjoyed the movie). You can get the guy you like btw, you are so pretty and funny and nice. I will try to make you a 8tracks album every weekend or so hopefully they will make your weeks better. we need to stay in touch though, cant wait to see you next year!