???`.¸.Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!

I'm a Christian. I believe that God is omniscient (Psalm 33:13), omnipotent (Jeremiah 32:17), omnipresent (Psalm 139:8). Jesus is God incarnate (John 1:1/Revelation 1:8). Jesus Christ lived a sin free life, and fulfilled 300+ Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah. He shed His blood on the cross to set us free from the evil hold of sin that the evil one tries to tempt us to do. (Matthew 26:28) The Holy Spirit was sent by Christ to convict; to teach us lessons to strengthen us, to lead us towards a stronger relationship with Him, and to lead us down the right path that God intended for us to be on. God laid out our lives before we were conceived (Psalm 139:16), and gave us all a special gifts (Romans 12:3-8) to serve in His name (1 Corinthians 12:4-11).

I am a few credits shy of being a junior at Liberty University, and I'm majoring in Psychology and Christian Counseling. I get 70% A's, 30% B's, and I have a 3.6 GPA at the moment. I learn something new everyday. I "may" pick up Criminal Justice as a minor to fulfill my last few credits when the time comes, who knows!

I am in the process of training to step up and be a part-time soldier for the Army National Guard. I was going to join the U.S. Army and train in MoS 68x, and I had also planned to go to LTC at Fort Knox in the Summer of 2011, but I did not join ROTC at LU like "I" had planned, and GOD is instead directing me to the Virginia National Guard to help those in times of dire need. Praying for all my armed forces family! HOOAH!!! *salute*

I do not smoke (I quit after smoking for 10 years --Phil. 4:13), nor do I do drugs (after a long struggle -- Praise God!), and I rarely drink. I'm a music lover, and an animal lover. I'm a caring, compassionate, loving, goofy yet sometimes sarcastic, down to earth dork. I'm not picky; it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I'm just me!! I don't like labels that society likes to push on people. I do not like drama, and I do not like extreme verbal or unnecessary physical confrontation. I am not here to please you; I am here to please GOD!

I have a masters degree from the school of hard knocks. I have been through a lot in my twenty-seven years on this earth, and I have learned from the lessons that I was intended to learn from, even if it did take several times through the ringer. I believe wholeheartedly that I have been through the events for a reason, and that is to have authentic empathy for the individuals God intended for me to help.

Also, I am extremely addicted to parodies and viral videos, especially hilarious remixes of viral videos, and I enjoy sharing music (mainly indie) with the world!


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