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Lost in the Maze


all songs about wanting to be where we are rn even when life keeps going and you feel lost


Trying to comfort myself
I tell myself the world can’t be perfect
I start to let myself go
The thundering applause, I can’t own it forever
I tell myself, so shameless
Raise your voice higher
Even if the attention isn’t forever, I’ll keep singing
I want to stay this way for life

I want to stay young forever

지금 날 위로하네
완벽한 세상은 없다고 자신에게 말해 난
점점 날 비워가네
언제까지 내 것일 수는 없어 큰 박수갈채가
이런 내게 말을 해 뻔뻔히
네 목소릴 높여 더 멀리
영원한 관객은 없대도 난 노래할 거야
오늘의 나로 영원하고파

영원히 소년이고 싶어 난


I'd been working on this playlist for awhile but their recent teasers and mv gave me the inspiration to finish it. Thanks for 400+ followers!

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