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Top 15 Kpop Songs for 4th Week of April



Soooo many great comebacks. Berry Good's new song is actually my jam??? I just love them all! I can't wait for BTS' next MV for next week :) I also got a job recently, which is why I haven't made as many playlists. I took time away from my essay that I have to finish by tomorrow when I have to work tonight just to finish this playlist. This semester will be the end of me XD

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i love april's comebacks it's just good after good ugh feels~ thanks so much for these playlists! i really appreciate them

@pureunbam for a sec I thought you meant the girl group April's comeback and I was like whaaat?? Wheeen?? SOON THO. Haha but yes April has been an amazing month. I had to refrain from making this a top 30 XD You're the sweetest!!