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hoe dameron


songs that have been banned in the pilot hanger because poe's dancing isn't appropriate for the workplace

tracklist: [ http://myplaylistproblem.tumblr.com/post/138177670875/hoe-dameron-songs-that-have-been-banned-in-the ]

8/6/16 update: I realized the other day that Milkshake wasn't on here and so of course I had to add it, I added some other new stuff too so have fun! I can't believe this hit gold status!!!!!!!

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21 tracks
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This is pure gold. Solid gold. Imagine Poe painting his X-wing is gold and just blaring this playlist during battles!

I'm imagining Leia Organa having to sit Poe down and explain that he's no longer allowed to listen to Fergalicious in the hangar because it makes the other pilots... Embarrassed. And he's just like, "Sorry, ma'am."