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A Dance with Dragons

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-Not all men were meant to dance with dragons-

  • Pax Deorum by Enya
  • First Flight (Epic choir orchestral hybrid music) by Clarence Yapp Composer
  • The Awakening Of The Dragon (Official Tropar Demo) by Koke Nuñez Gomez
  • Chant - The Fire Rises by Jas Chiang
  • Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus
  • Mombassa by Hans Zimmer
  • Two Steps From Hell by Freedom Fighters
  • Road to Glory by audiomachine
  • Ruins by Cosmogeny-ReallySlowMotion
  • Dust And Light by Ian Letarte
  • Davy Jones Theme Suite (Re-Created) by Hans Zimmer
11 tracks
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