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Dubu Dreams


A mix dedicated to the lovely and squishy Lee "Onew" Jinki. We know we all have "Onew Ache" when we hear his voice.

This mix is compromised of his voice in slow songs. This will also include his self-written song "Your Name".

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  • OnewAche BGM by ColinNguyen
  • Onew voice by ColinNguyen
  • Onew (ost To The Beautiful You) by In Your Eyes
  • Onew Solo 'Can't Stop These Flowing Tears' by Shelvyna Deisw
  • Your Name by SHINee
  • 내가 사랑했던 이름 by SHINee
  • That I was once by your side by Onew
  • Onew ft Jonghyun by Tragedy
  • Clockwork by Onew
9 tracks
2 comments on Dubu Dreams

Thank you so much for creating this mix. When I first heard the BGM, I literally felt my heart beating faster. Like I could actually feel it thumping against my ribs. I feel so warm and happy right now, goodness mio. 온유아픔. :'(