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Balrogian Screams Show 3-7-2011

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Tracklist with breaks included, though none in mix

Sunday Hardcore Matinee - Dropkick Murphys
Sex (I'm A) - Lovage
Fire Song - Company of Thieves
Middle Brother - Middle Brother
Sick of You - Cake
Black Tusk - Lumerians
Blitzkrieg Pop - Ramones
Movie Loves a Screen - April Smith & The Great Picture Show
XTC Vs. Adam Ant - They Might Be Giants
All the Best - REM
My Ritual - Folk Implosion
Arise, Watch - Buffalo Tom
Ring A Ling Ling - Dressy Bessy
(So I'll Sit Here) Waiting - Like
Point of Pride - Dinosaur Bones
Water - Beaten By Them
Leather - Tori Amos
Colors (Live @ Daytrotter Studios) - April Smith & The Great Picture Show
Transylvania Concubine - Rasputina
Can't Be Mad For Nothing - Banjo Or Freakout
Why Not? - Chain and the Gang
No Nostalgia - Ages and Ages
Falling - The Bitter Roots
It Has Always Been Yours - Dream Of Fire
Birds of a Feather - Civil Wars