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you're in my veins.


a joel/ellie mix in six parts

{part one of the SOTM mixes}

//a mix for the girl who never wanted to be saved and the man who can't let her go, for the lie that comes between them and the inevitable moment of truth, for needing to let go and holding on far too tight, for the pain that just won't end, and for loving someone so much you need to hate them//


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The emotions I went through listening to this included "THEY PUT SKINNY LOVE ON HERE?" and then "OH MY GOD THEY PUT IT ON HERE /TWICE?/" You are some kind of sick, twisted person who completely ruined my heart with this mix. I ended up bawling through the Birdy version. BAWLING. Damn, this is amazing.

@bassair thank you so much for taking the time to comment! This was really wonderful to read. My goal for this mix was to make people cry a lot, so I'm glad that worked. I thought that Skinny Love was amazingly accurate, and each version related to them in different ways, so. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@Luciferine Honestly when I listened to the Birdy version it felt like Ellie, telling Joel to be patient and kind and helping to soften him up, and then the Bon Iver version felt like Joel teaching her and raising her to be patient and balanced and kind, and even a little like he learned from her how to teach her, in a way? And of course the mutual feeling of, "I'm not quite ready to admit how I feel yet, so just wait for me to be ready, okay?"

@bassair okay I just had to reply to you again because this was such a beautiful interpretation and you literally put into words what I was trying to get across? Thank you very much for that, it pretty much made my week. There's just something about these two that I can't stop talking, writing, and compiling music about. And as much as I do it for me, I also do it in the hopes that other people will resonate with it, and the fact that you did makes me so happy I kinda want to start bawling, myself.

Nice! I kept forgetting I wasn't listening to my David and Ellie mix on a few songs-- I guess great minds really do think alike. :D I like how you capture the codependency and strain of their relationship, of Ellie's push-and-pull emotions.