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These are my favorite songs, don't forget them ✌


There's a lot I could say here. I could say I wish I never joined these games, I'm a failure and so on but, I'm sure HABIT has heard it all before. So I'm not going to throw a pity party. Last words are for fools that didn't say enough in life anyways. I only carry simple requests. 1.) please remember me by my name, Yei Liêu instead of by number. Rabbit #36 isn't who I am. 2.) To the ones, I care about and you know who you are; take care of yourselves. I want you all to live. So I guess that's it. It's kind of unfair that 2 must go down due to my mistakes but these games were never fair. Nathan, you'll be given directions to your gift. Pick it up when you can. I'm going to run now. Goodbye.

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