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make the new street yours


the "official" playlist for the interlude of The Hunters Initiative, "make the new street yours"

(this one WOULD be a six-track EP but 8tracks is indicatively named and doesn't allow less than eight songs. so the last two are bonus tracks that aren't meant to tie into the MTNSY mix. and I'd be damned if I didn't find SOMEWHERE to use that Klaxons song)

8 tracks
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your berlin track is spot on. it is so ridiculously difficult to find a song that's about relationships being hard but not being totally broken, but you not only managed that, but you managed to find a song that hit every single emotion from berlin, /and/ had lyrics that matched up (i'm waiting at the bus stop)??? god. this whole mix thus far is great but /especially/ the berlin track, just, kudos, man. //shakes head