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PALIM PALIM Wenn Rio das wüsste


I don't give a shit what you think of this mix. Es war einfach ein geiles Wochenende WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO Buzzcocks, Ian Dury, Tenacious D even Didi Hallervorden and lots n lots more pure AWESOMNESS feel free to skip songs you don't understand verbally, or in case it's "i swear", but i recommend pureness of the mix (you know the lyrics, i know you know the lyrics)

28 tracks
4 comments on PALIM PALIM Wenn Rio das wüsste

love that shit Lui´ ! ich werkel gerade nen geiles mixtape zusammen... hab gerade echt die über mukke gefunden die dich wegsmashen wird. ich denke ich werde es dir widmen. uuhhh yeah babe - so stay tuned

thanx for liking this mix, foxman (foxwoman) from Hungary, I never thought anyone in the Universe except Rumpelholz could ever actually actively deal with so much awesomeness compressed into 1001010011101001010101000001010110001001011110010