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The Ultimate 90's Dance Mix Compilation


The best from the "Dance Mix USA," "MTv Party to go," "Jock JAms" CD's from the early 90's. Before Britney and NSYNC there was La Bouche, Ace of Base,HAddaway. 50 tracks that remind you of MTv spring break in the 90's when they had a week filled with S.B.specials and contests.

49 tracks
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This is so great. Still listening but already a favorite. Brings back so many memories from the end of my childhood and the start of my teenage years.

I will really seriously pay you to send me the files for this playlist. I've been looking for a perfect compilation everywhere, and you literally have every single song I wanted in the compilation.

I'm not sure how to send music files though email. Most of the tracks I have uploaded from CD's that I copied to my laptop, but I see that 8tracks have replaced a few of the tracks with soundcloud tracks(I guess to reduce duplicates)

Thanks guys. I can't believe how many "likes" I have in one week. I just uploaded part 2 a while ago. 44 more tracks of Dance tracks, I have many 90's music on my hardrive so let me get sugestions for future playlists