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Lukebox Relax Session one

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I was just going to post the link to you! It's a little different to the other two, I like to vary them up. I'll put together session 4 soon, thanks for your comments and for tuning in! :)

Hiya! I'm rather new to 8tracks. In the past few weeks, I've spent most of my time in my apartment, studying, watching TV shows, reading etc with one common element. 8racks has been playing in the background, always. As far as ambient music goes, I've found Lukebox Session 2 to be the absolute bomb. It's subtle, soothing, just perfect.
Also, I heard session 2 before session 1, and I'll say this session 2 is a much much better compilation.
Needless to say, awaiting your 3rd session rather impatiently.

This is quite a fabulous playlist indeed, though I personally don't like 'Hello' in it, for some reason.