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lukemastny's August 2009 mix

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Animal Collective: Been hearing a lot about these guys. All the right people say they are great. I haven't heard them yet, so I was anxious to give them a listen. 2004? Dang, I am out of touch. Masterful sound quality. Noises as brushmarks. Kinda Beta Bandish. Want more.

Hah! next song is also AC. Winters Love. Acoustic trance. Loops of homemade samples. Organic techno. I must purchase some of dis.

The Books is new to me. Another example of sweet sounds. Headphone specific music. I kept thinking: "Hillbilly Massive Attack". Ooo, the next track is them too. I like that idea, pairs of songs. Tokyo: This track kind of wore thin for me. Not so much as to discourage me from buying some of their music. It was just a tad tinny. Not enough wood sounds.

Carla Bruni. Also new to me and I want to smear her voice all over my body.

Is Karl Blau the newest material in this list? It seems like everything has been from 2004. I'm kind of ambivalent to these two tracks. I love the quality of sound, bass up front, harmonium in back, vocals sounding as if recorded shyly in a basement. But some sort of edge is missing. Totally nitpicking here because I get it. I keep thinking of Looper and, Damian Jurado.

Thanks for the mix.