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Maybe In Another Universe I Deserve You


"Enjolras will never stop finding causes to die for, and Grantaire will never stop dying for Enjolras."

An ExR-Fanmix inspired by/dedicated to zarimov's fanfiction "Maybe In Another Universe I Deserve You".

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28 tracks
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This is still my favorite mix to listen to, over a year later. This mix is very important to me - I found out about it while I was writing a fanfic, a Enjolras and Grantaire reincarnation au and I started searching some things and I found this, and it became my playlist for while I was doing homework or just writing. And this was when I was first starting to become a part of the Les Miserables fandom and I was just learning that there were more, I'm not sure how to say this, but just things, like fanfictions and art and playlists, like this one, and a few of these things had a pretty big impact on me, particularly more towards the beginning, and this mix was one. For a while I lost this mix when I got a new laptop and I couldn't find it again, but months later I ended up finding it in the notes section on my phone, which I had forgotten all about, and now I have the link saved in a few places. This turned out into a little thing cx I'm sorry, it's unedited and probably sounds stupid and barely gets my point acoss, but basically I'm writing this just to tell you how important this mix is to me, and just to thank you for making it. So thanks cx

@lexylee hello lexylee, first of all I am so so so sorry that I haven't replied earlier. Wow. I don't know what to say. I feel incredibly honoured by your comment. I could have never imagined that the mix could mean this much for someone. I invested a lot of time for this thing and - wuuf i have tears in my eyes.. sry- what you've written doesn't sound stupid at all. I cannot express my appreciation for your comment. All I can say is: Thank you so so very much. I love you. ♥

I'm never gonna stop listening to this mix. And if 8tracks'll try to stop me, I will lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting to be able to hear it again.