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par amor.

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Hi! I saw this by accident just now and can I just calmly scream that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!?!?! I'm listening to it now and the songs are all really nice and just perfect for the fic. Really. I don't know what else to say because I will probably just spazz all over you. But thank you for doing this! Thank you for reading the fic and liking it enough to make a mix for it. t mind. Thank you again!!!

oh my gosh! really? is this real?
if this is totally real then its completely fine i think that par amor is one of my favourite fics of all time! i read it over and over again, i absolutely love it to pieces. i'm glad you like this mix! means a lot!

I cannot believe I have finally found a person that listens to these indie songs. You have no idea how happy I feel right now. Thank yooouuu~ 사랑~