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The Final Nights Club Music


"Maybe I killed the voice in your head, boss." -Gary Golden

Game music tracks found in Vampire The Masquerade: Final Nights mod as well as some familiar ones from the Bloodlines. Music from the clubs.

Final Nights can be found in

Cover art by Colasa

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20 tracks
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What is the name of the first song (I don't know if it's first in row)? I only remembered that the band that performs it was formed in 1993. It is melodic, with female vocals. I don't know why but this playlist "doesn't allow" me to replay that very song and I just can't hear it again.

Ha, I think that I finally found it - The Birthday Massacre - Blue. Anyway, thanks so much for unveiling that band for me : )

@lunacy_core They must definitely make new VTM game with the proper atmosphere and music and all. But it seems that today nobody wants anything different and meaningful.

@Lusiphur I feel the same. It was very disappointing when they said they gave up on the world of darkness mmo, though admittedly it may not have brought similar awe as VTM could in the end. I uploaded this playlist to mediafire for download by the way.

@lunacy_core Great, perhaps now even more people can find these songs and enjoy them. I don't have time and good hardware for games now but I managed to get myself the original comic "The Crow", the one that inspired the homonymous film with Brandon Lee. It's amazing, I can't wait to read it... And as I can see the book is a lot more sinister than the motion picture. So much pain, hate and darkness in it but it's beautiful and romantic. A somber tale devoted to eternal love. And the comic creator James O'Barr just put a lot of his real life experience into the book. That is what probably makes the comic so believable. I can only imagine what he felt when he had learned the news about Lee's death. There is also the gothic influence of course, it just can't be any other way. Hm, grief can really be a powerful force for unleashing our souls, the things we really want to express... Sorry if I bored the hell out of you, using my poor English dictionary on top of that :D Have a nice day : )