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all the way.


- Are you with me?
- All the way.

WARNING: it gets sadder at the end (fanmix, i mean. but the movie too, obviously)

me at the beginning of Rogue One: as an aromantic tired of forced romantic relationships i really enjoy platonic relationship between Jyn and Cassian
me in the middle of Rogue One: are they even capable of talking without their faces almsot touching each other
me in the end of Rogue One: I'M DEADED

okay, i know that there are lots of SW fans who think this ship is forced and has no sense whatsoever (because OF COURSE you would hug someone if you were both about it die) but i really like the idea of these two sinnamon rolls together.

edit 1.02.17.: i deleted "Renegades" and added "Skulls" by Bastille instead

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