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In Omnia Paratus

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In my head, after Rory graduated, they lose contact. Logan and Rory reunite 3 or so years later. They're both a little bit more stable but not changed. The second relationship starts off similar to how their first relationship started off, no pressure and casual. Three years into their second relationship, Rory finds herself wearing an engagement ring...Just wanted to share my headcanon with you. Imo they'd be the best parents.

@ArcOfConversation Thanks so much. Yes sadly they're not the most popular of ships! But I had fun making this and I'm happy it made you happy.

@ArcOfConversation Rory and Jess had potential but weren't that great when they were finally together in the end they worked better as friends. Rory and Logan were wonderful though. They helped each other grow so much and deserved a better ending!