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kaleidoscope sky •・☾


These songs mean a lot to me; first discovered them during a huge transition in my life. They remind me of summer camping trips, laughing under the stars, huddled in a tent, running through the trees, staring at a kaleidoscope sky. They make me feel at peace and like all my worries are temporary. They remind me that this life I'm living is magical and wonderful and that things are only going to get brighter from here.

19 tracks
4 comments on kaleidoscope sky •・☾

Holy shit are you me???? Every song so far has been spot on to my past. When False Astronomy came on I burst into tears.

thank you for always making playlists I can be sure to like, yours are like a window to someones soul. please keep being a wonderful person :3 peace

it's amazing how the choice of a single track can draw you in. even more kismet when you've used it before. love the opening track and am looking forward to going further in. bright blessings.

well there may be snow on the ground here but mentally i'm lying on my back in the grass drifting and dreaming right through the witching hours.