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Nothing More Than a Tale -- The Perilous Gard


A fanmix celebrating the journey of banished handmaiden Katherine Sutton. Her life at the Perilous Gard, the shady and superstitious staff at the Hall, the mysterious Lady in the Green, her complicated relationship with Christopher Heron, and her struggle to help him survive the teind on All Hallow's Eve.

20 tracks
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One of my favorite fandom mixes of all time! I don't like all the choices but some of them are just amazing - Iron, Love is Blindness, And So It Goes!!! YES. Thanks!

@Northern Lass Thank you so much for the feedback! This book has so little fandom work for it that I am always psyched when I get any sort of notification that shows to me I'm not the only person who's read it and loved it. And those three songs you mentioned were ones I was particularly adamant to myself about including, so I'm glad you found them to be on point. :)