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JM's Night Drive


Jim's soundtrack for his late night drive

'...Dark wet shine of a nigh town leads me on to a journey to nowhere.
Raw power of speed, roar of the engine, and smell and creak of leather seats.
I speed into darkness. I speed into nowhere. I speed towards death.'

10 tracks
4 comments on JM's Night Drive

dear sir i hasten to let you know that the first-person-character's mind here is still reeling and fusing from tune and spirits of this wonderful message beached right out from the ocean of jm's vital spark or well maybe traces of the above-referenced spark anywayz-z our gratitude is vast warm and the heart's memory as they say fairy tal-lez you know so in brief keep listening all round you're a miracle don't forget thnx bye-bye xx

this is all-fired absolutely rad. and so scarily jim-ish. maybe you'll do another one of the kind? or smth completely different, but still of his beautiful self. i don't know. thank you though.

@ailsa dee thank you so much!! I am super-slowly collecting tracks for two more Jim-inspired mixes, one inspired by insomnia, hope you will like it!