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In All Our Infinite Variety


Take a listen, and I promise you'll hear something new.
A staggering assortment of music from different traditions, times, and places. Elegies in Anglo-Saxon? Got it. Ethiopian pop music? You bet. American folk songs? Yup. Balinese court music? Got that too. Scandinavian neofolk? Of course.

If you actually get through the whole mix, feel free to brag in the comments.

68 tracks
2 comments on In All Our Infinite Variety

Wow, I really liked this mix! My only comment is that it seemed like there wasn't much African music, which makes me kind of sad because I love African music and want everyone else to know and love it too! :D Great mix though, and thanks!

@ibazel Do you have any recommendations? I also only have a couple songs from Latin America, so if there's something that should be here, I'd love any input you'd be willing to give.

@luthien13 Aah, I'm so glad you asked! :D Some of my favorite albums are A Long Way Home by Dama & D'Gary (mellow music from Madagascar! How's that for alliteration), anything by Amadou & Mariam (but I guess my favorite is Dimanche A Bamako), Omona Wapi by Franco & Rochereau, The Lion Roars by Mahlathini, Ma Ya By Habib Koite, and Niafunke by Ali Farka Toure. That's quite the list, haha. Unfortunately I don't know much from Latin America except the stuff I listened to in Spanish class in middle school, lol.