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Pacific Northwestern Gothic


We drink our fair-trade coffee while the homeless shelter from the rain in the outdoor gear we cast off. Children fear ape-men in the woods and the serial killers who wear their beast skins on the inside. We quote Chief Seattle while nuclear waste leaks into tribal waters. Between mountains and sea, we watch as snowline and sea levels rise, and atheism offers no solace in blissful ignorance. But have another espresso from whatever Starbucks alternative you patronize, recycle, & hope it's enough.

43 tracks
8 comments on Pacific Northwestern Gothic

Hands down one of my favorite playlists on here. You capture the area so perfectly- even Eastern Washington is reflected in some of the songs, which is cool because most people think the West Side is the whole state. 12/10

god bless the pig war song, i love telling friends on the east coast about it cause they all think it's the craziest thing. also thank you so much for this playlilst, honestly i've been waiting for so long for pnw gothic

I feel like I have to give this playlist a special thank you for actually saving my ass... Rad to write to. 1,500 words in an hour. Can't actually even believe it. You're the saviour of my grades and the reason I'm passing my degree. 11/10. This playlist is just rad as fuck.

@big-ball-of-stuff Wow, thank you so much! That's just about the nicest comment I've ever gotten on anything ever. I hope you graduate at the head of the class!