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We skipped a light fandango...


18 tracks by The Moody Blues, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles.

You know the feeling when you hear a song on the radio,and it reminds you of countless nights of wondering,not-really-trying to sleep, dreaming about a boy and the life when you grow up? And then, when that song ends, you know the song that will come next - but it doesn't. Then you realize...
That song was a part of a bigger story - one you made in your head by listening CD over and over again

15 tracks
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Just noticed this, but the songs and description both remind me alot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and a few of the songs here also feature in a mix-tape Charlie makes in the book.... :D

This was an old mix tape I had, so I collected the songs and put it in this list for easier listening, but I have to say I haven't read that book (yet), so all similarities are accidental... But these songs are legendary, no wonder they were a part of that story. Now I really want to read that book :( We don't have it where I live :(