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Back when I listened to Christian Rock


The Christian music I'll still listen to because it's not all about religion/God. Christian music before it got really shitty.

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Image of the Invisible- a song about Christians representing God The Way I Feel- The feeling of being alone without God Step To Me- A song about becoming Humble to exalt God and resist the world and satan New Way to Be Human- Switchfoot can or cannot be called christian depending on the time the song was released, However this is a christian the song is about becoming pure by God's love Hypnotized- a song about how we have been brainwashed to see the world in an ungodly light Satellite- Broadcasting God's word all over the world These are just a few of the many songs on this playlist and as you can see, all of them are about God and Jesus. However, these are just my interpretations, so if you want to take them as non-christian songs, that's fine with me. Just don't get offended.